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Gift Certificates and Bundles 1. Exciting Longbow Experiences

Longbow Taster Session

Learn to shoot a traditional English longbow by challenging yourself against a series of targets at progressive distances. Become competent with the bow learning under one of our dedicated instructors before being able to practice your new skill in this 2 hour taster session.
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Longbow Taster Family Ticket

Family ticket for 4 - Kids go half price

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Masterclass Gift Certificate

Learn the correct stance, handling of bow, release techniques, consistency, aiming & compensation in order to achieve. You will be surprised at what you can achieve as a novice during this session! Learn to be a true sniper with your bow and never waste an arrow.
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Medieval Archer Immersive Experience

Spend a day with Now Strike Archery as we teach you to use an authentic longbow and the history behind it. Feel the power of the weapon that dominated warfare for over 300 years while raising the common man into the upper echelons of infamy and thrusting our steel tipped arrows into the nightmares of our enemies.
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Gift Certificates and Bundles 2. Learn a Craft - Workshop Courses

Woodland bow making course

Make your own ash bow over the course of 1 day in the woods around a camp fire!

Bow Making Course

Have you ever wanted to have a bow that you can really have true ownership over?

Now Strike Archery is proud to offer this exciting course where, over two days and under full tuition, you craft your own longbow.

Starting out with a blank tri-laminate stave you learn to shape the bow using traditional hand tools before tillering to learn what to look for in the bend as you work it to “full compass”.

You then go on to shape and fit the horn nocks before adding an arrow pass and making your own string.

Our experienced bowyers guide you at every step and can cater for all abilities. Lunch is included on both days as well as all the tea/coffee you can drink.

War Arrow Making Course

Learn to make arrows the traditional way!

This one day course will take you through hand planing your own arrow shafts from straight grained ash. You will learn how to insert horn for strength before cutting the nock.

You learn how to fletch by hand using a traditional glue mix, binding your fletchings on with silk and cutting them to shape.

Lunch is included and you can take home as many arrows as you can make in the day.

Courses are tailored to individual needs, so make sure to let us know if you want to make heavy military arrows or lighter but authentic looking re-enactment arrows

Standard Arrow Making Course

Learn to make your own arrows!
This one day course will take you through preparing your own arrow shafts from straight grained timber before cutting the nocks.
Our instructors will then teach you the secrets of shaping the feathers into fletchings and then whipping them to the shaft.
Lunch is included and you can take home as many arrows as you can make in the day.

Gift Certificates and Bundles 3. Course Bundles

Apprentice Course Bundle

Spend 3 days with us making your own longbow and arrows to go with it!

This course combines our laminate longbow making course and our standard arrow making course.

Journeyman Course Bundle

Do you want to learn some traditional crafts and fully immerse yourself in historic archery? This is one of our most popular products which combines our laminate longbow making course, our standard arrow making course and our longbow master class.

Master Course Bundle

The full package! Make your longbow, smith your arrowheads, build your arrows and follow up with a free longbow masterclass – 5 day course
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Gift Certificates and Bundles 4. Add Ons and Extras

Spectator Lunch

Want to bring someone else along to your experience? Add an extra spectator for lunch on your experience day.. Please make sure you tell us which date they're coming along to in the "Note to Business" box

Gift Certificate with Wax Seal

For a more personal touch, get a copy of any gift certificate sent by post, sealed with wax. Add the name for the certificate and the address you'd like it sent to to your order in the note to business box.

Learn a Craft - Metal work

3 hr Arrow Smithing Taster

Learn how to make a bodkin. We will teach you to make a socket and then to draw out a point. Perfect when combined with our War Arrow course!

3 hr Black Smithing Taster Day

During this 3 hour taster session, you will learn how to make your own bottle opener and drinks holder so you can enjoy the summer days in style!

5 hr Knife Making Taster Day

During this introduction to knife making taster you will craft a historic blade based on a Viking design. You will draw out the tang and shape it into a handle before forging the blade. You can either finish your knife with a sharp edge or leave it blunt - your choice. Strictly over 18s only

6 hour Arrow Smithing

A full day in the forge learning arrow smithing. Start with bodkins and move on to create various hunting style heads based on historic artifacts.

6hr Blacksmithing Experience Day

A full day in the forge, you will learn fire management before setting off on your smithing journey. We offer you a menu of projects to learn ranging from a BBQ set to apprentice work such as Fire sets.

Throw an Axe

Viking Axe Throwing

1 hour of Viking axe and Angel throwing under full instruction